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Artist tags
As you probably know, a lot of artists may change tumblrs and usernames over time, and their artwork may or may not migrate with them. Others may have significantly different names for their regular versus NSFW blogs. This is a thread for clarifying what artist names belong to the same person, what the preferred tag is on this board, and what their currently active blog is if that's applicable.

For instance, greeneyespeeledforbluelookers is the nsfw blog of alinajames, but older reblogs will probably show alinajames as the source if the art is from before she moved things over.

Please feel free to add things to this thread or ask questions!
4 years ago
Oh, and I'm not a mod, so I'm not laying down actual ironclad policies about how to tag artists - just suggestions.
4 years ago
Artist signatures that are different from the artist tags used
This list is to help determine the source (and correct artist tag) of a picture that is signed. Some of these tags differ only a little bit from what the artist signs on his or her work, while others differ a lot. The name in bold is the tag used here (and is usually the artist's tumblr account name).

(;) = semii-colon

akitsu-47 = akitsu

(;) Ash = semii-colon

ayu = acid-orange

Aze = buffpapijohn

bora = boratoki

flarefyre = nagitokomaedakun

Hazelek = drawingcute

hephoestus = ???

ivori = idrawbutts

KB (with a circle around the letters) = kaybeer

Kirky = buttermedandy

kokorocannon = shrinedust

Lulu = 8ucketwhore

maim = freakyhumanshit

Meg = gravityjump

M+M, Moose = monsieurmoose

Morby = positivelynaughty

Nine = ninevsnine

NVi = naughtyvixens

[pii symbol, which I can't write here] = pandemoniumincarnate

Pitkin = hamburglarorgasms

RAB = redinfidelity

Rhinohorn = goatbleets

RHIP = redhotironypistols

sickhypnotic = sickhypnosis

skully = squamosal

sleii = sleiin

snow = snow-after-dark

tam = morefuckingdickjokes

zee = zeeakazee
4 years ago
Artist tags and urls
Some artists have more than one active blog or account, or they may have had other tumblrs in the past that they have since deleted.

The first name listed is an account that the artist has used at some point (and may still be using), and the second name (the one in bold) is the tag used for them here.

In some cases the artist tag is a simplified version of their tumblr/account name or is the name that the artist uses to sign their work. The choice seems to be up to whoever starts the tag.

acrylicemulator = hemorrhedge

aggrus = planetofjunk

akitsunsfw = akitsu

alinajames = greeneyespeeledforbluelookers

askdurnklalonde = crablouse

binurt = binart

boobiewizard = idrawboobs

bunnystrut = playbunny

cactusgarrus = cactuspr0n

creapy (current tumblr) = miikan

cykranoshka-nsfw = cykranoshka

dirtytomatoes = yummytomatoes

elanfoux (current tumblr) = monsieurmoose

exsexily-whorebible = kaybeer

eyecandyrlyburns = eyecandyrlybutts

fleinne = freinne

fletsch = freinne

greenteeksnsfw = greenteeks

grolify = freinne

grostequeerie = kiwitank

hilarious-war = my-friend-the-frog

ickyviccy = fefairi

ipigdisgusting = ipdg

james-ab-nsfw = jamesab

kanayastrider = dwpart

kbs-nsfw-edition = bararito

mikkysnsfwblog = mikkynga

msphamletmachine = hamletmachine

napalmarts = nachte

northernvehemence = naughtyvixens

nsfwshews = shews

paradoxjelli-nsfw = paradoxjelli

patchowowowow = patchowow

phasecock (current tumblr) = stormcloaca

ppweiwei (nsfw tumblr) = sleiin

q-dormir-nsfw = q-dormir

ruf1ohn1tram (current tumblr) = intensehentais

sukkadoesfilthythings = sukkawukka

sweetstriderfuck = kaybeer

think-pan = monosketch

time-is-dead-kids = kaybeer

valdgeist (current tumblr) = freinne

vristav (current tumblr) = intensehentais

watevenamidrawing = wateven

whatnobrono = whatnobro

yoccu = y-occ-uri

zedabbling = blk-kitti

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