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SxPanda's guide to tagging and sourcing
First off, I'm not a mod, and I have no control over this booru. Anything I say in here 'might' be incorrect, and has no actual impact on how this booru is run.

On that note, if any mods determine that something I say here is incorrect, please correct the post, I'd rather have someone fix my mistake than be doing something incorrectly myself!

Now onto my silly little guide:


Most people reading this probably already know what a tag is, and how tagging works on boorus, so I won't go into details explaining it. Please know however, tags are there to help people find a specific type of image, not always to completely describe every detail about an image!

1. Tagging an image with lots of tags is a good thing! But don't go overboard, no one wants to have to read through twenty different tags describing the colors you saw in the image.
Don't get offended over certain tags! Tags such as gender, sex, physical disabilities, and other such things do not exist to force said tag on the characters in the image. The tags are there to help people find certain images, and if you can think of a better way to tag an image, go ahead!

2. That brings me onto the next point, if you can tag an image, tag it! As long as the tags are valid, apply to the image, more tags are better! Having lots of tags can help people find an image quicker and easier, as well as help people who blacklist tags avoid certain things.
If you're really unsure about a tag, you can do a few different things to find out if it's alright to use it.
First off, try searching for the tag! If you can find it on this booru, you can use it.
Secondly, try searching for the tag on another booru. Not all boorus are universal with tags, but some of the larger ones have stable tagging systems, and it's always better to add another proper sounding tag rather than not tagging at all.
Lastly, ask someone! You can make a post here, chat with someone else who tags a lot, or even create another topic (though that might be a bit silly to have a whole topic just for one tagging question).

3. Don't get into fights over tags! Just because you want to call them 'boobs' and someone else wants to call them 'breasts' doesn't mean you need to get into a yelling argument over it. Tell a moderator if you're having issues with another user, or tagging something.

4. When you upload an image, try to include at least 10 tags with it (This is not a rule, just my suggestions) If you don't have time, or can't figure out what to tag it with, tag it 'tagme' so others can find and tag the image properly later.


Sourcing an image is another form of tagging it, it shows people where the original image was taken from, so they can find the artist, or other images simmilar to the one posted that may not have to do with the booru they found it on.

Sourcing is also important because it gives the original artist credit for the work they created. If you post an image from any website the original artist posted it from, PLEASE include the source with the image.

1. Finding the source for images used to be a little more time consuming and difficult, but now with Google Image Search, you can simply drag and drop an image into the search bar and it will find other images similar to the one you uploaded. It doesn't always lead to the source of the image, and can sometimes not even find the image in the first place, that's why it's important to source the image if you take it from the artist's website anywhere.

2. If you can't find the source of an image, and you have the artist name via signature or image name, google it! If you can find the artist's tumblr, deviantart, or other website, you might be able to find the image there!

3. If you absolutely cannot find the source to the image, tag the image 'sourceme' and another person who could recognize the image, artist style, or better find it will know that image needs a source.

4. When sourcing any image source, Please DO NOT use the actual image file as the source, use the page or post the image was included in. (An example of what not to do would be '', the proper way to tag it would be '').
When sourcing a tumblr post, you do NOT need to include the text after the post number ('the-stuff-that-looks-like-this'). A proper tumblr source should look like this: ''.

That's all of the guide I can think of for now! I hope this was helpful to anyone wondering how to tag/source things.
If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to ask here! I will try to answer everything.

Happy tagging!
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wow thank you for this!
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Would this be the best place to post questions about consolidating tags, or should I go to the other tagging thread?
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What do I do about duplicates when I find them?

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