3 years ago
Do not post
-OCs (fantrolls, fankids, etc)

from now on it will be deleted.

Edit: All FANART of canon characters is welcomed here - Just keep it porny ^.^ b
3 years ago
So im guessing even if it's your own pictures, you cant upload? and does OCs count as drawings and real people? or just straight no OCs in any sort of median? I understand the nudestuck thing. But arent drawn OCs the same as just drawing fanart?
3 years ago
For fuck's sake man, no one want to see your fucking shitty OCs, get over it.
3 years ago
first of all, i wasnt going to post any, i was just clarifying forfor someone posts it and gets but hurt. i know some nudestucks have done OC nudestuck pics and drawn nsfw OCs and i wanted it clear so i can share it with the community. literally no one cares about my ocs and thats fine i just use them for practice anyway.

you need to calm down. this literally has nothing to do with you, nor affects you anyway. idk why you even care.

also thank you mod, much appriciated.

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